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When a company's stock pays some form of compensation to existing shareholders, this is known as a dividend. Dividends usually take the form of quarterly cash dividends, which attracts investors seeking regular income. Dividends can also be in the form of additional stock, or spin-offs of existing subsidiaries.
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A dividend is a portion of a company's profit paid to common and preferred shareholders . A stock selling for $20 a share with an annual dividend of $1 a share yields the investor 5%.
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The distribution of cash by a corporation to its authorized stockholders.
The periodic, usually quarterly, payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, generally expressed as dividend per share. Dividends represent earnings that are not reinvested by the corporation. Some stocks pay no dividends and others, such as utility companies pay substantial ones that represent a large portion of the total return a shareholder will get from his investment. Dividends are a type of distribution and are usually taxable in year received.
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